Guild Dragonscale

Guild Dragonscale is the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Alabaster. It was originally disbanded in the aftermath of the War of Humans, however it was reestablished one year later by many of its more prominent members. The name of “Dragonscale” represents the resilient and tough nature of their members, willing to take on any challenge.


Dragonscale’s original location was situated in the Kingdom of Alabaster, on the western coast of the continent in Gellian where it was the only guild. As the guild grew in power and strength the majority of their jobs ended up being provided by nobility, knights and even the King himself. Keeping that in mind, the guild moved to Cairne and has grown to be the most powerful guild in the entire Kingdom of Alabaster.


It was said that the founder of Dragonscale was a real dragon. The guild originally formed in the continent of Latriel but moved to Restin after the Nordstrom Empire ousted the guild from it’s lands.

Dragonscale has existed for at least several decades but has only grown to its current prominence and strength after their move to Restin.

Guild Master

Markoff – 5th Guild Master

Guild Dragonscale

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