200,000 citizens


King Alabaster residing in the Castle Cairne. Grand Marshall Carver and Grand Marshall Leona serve King Alabaster as his right and left hand.


Large army of professional soldiers, guards, and town watch. Each Grand Marshall in residence has a small force of Obsidian Agents. Large number of mercenaries, mages and paladins also reside within the city.

Notable Organizations

Guild Dragonscale, The Institute of Arcane Sciences, The Obsidian Agency, The Unfinished Cathedral


Cairne is located on the southwest coast of Restin and is the capital city of the Kingdom of Alabaster and the economic hub of Restin. The city is named loosely after the word ‘cairn’ to represent the fact that the city is visible across most of Restin and even further out into the ocean. The city itself has never been breached and is considered impregnable and is a marvel of Dwarven design and engineering. Its guards keep the peace within the city’s walls.

Although Cairne is not the military center of Alabaster, it’s independent guilds, mercenary forces and army number the largest garrison of armed forces in Alabaster. Primarily a human settlement, a fair number of dwarves, half-elves, elves, halflings and even a few half-orcs, tieflings and dragonborn reside here as well. Cairne is the home of The Institute of Arcane Sciences, one of the few remaining schools of wizardry in the west, and The Unfinished Cathedral, the architectural masterpiece left unfinished by the architect Galia. Cairne also houses one of the three great guilds of Restin, Guild Dragonscale. These edifices draw healers, priests, paladins, and mages to the city, all of whom bolster Cairne’s military might. King Alabaster rules from Castle Cairne. Rumor has it that Alabaster created a secret society, the Obsidian Agents, who are spies and saboteurs wielding absolute authority.

Recent events led to the destruction of any documents, monuments or notable objects refering to the Kingdom of Ivory.

People and Culture

Cairne is the jewel of the Kingdom of Alabaster. The grandest city constructed, it has never been succesfully assaulted, never had any rebellions and has grown to be a bastion of success. Although mostly a human city, Cairne does house dwarves, elves, half-elves, halflings, half-orcs, dragonborn and tieflings. It opens its gates to all citizens of Alabaster and Restin to participate in trade within the city limits. Most of the city coffers are filled with the taxes taken from the merchants who travel from all around Restin in the busy market. Every night at sunset The Unfinished Cathedral rings a bell thrice that resonates throughout the city to pay respects to the Three Great Generals who have made their mark on Alabaster and given the ultimate sacrifice.

Cairne’s climate is warm, the skies clear, and the seasons generally temperate. Because of this, clothes in the city are mostly composed of light fabric. The fashion of Cairne is always pushing the envelope, with bold colors dominating the city: whites, reds, blues, oranges and yellows. Although one might assume that because of the climate clothing would be sparse, citizens of Cairne often prefer light fabric, but in excess. The common outfit consists of a long-sleeved tunic, form fitted trousers, leather boots and ridiculously large, extravagant head pieces.

Carine is well-defended, however, around the city the city guard wears only light armor to handle the occasional thief or bandit. The paladins will don their full plate during ceremonies and when they ride out of the city on duty but around the city they wear a simple breastplate to identify themselves as such. A third force in the city is dedicated to maintaining peace and dealing with the uprisings. In addition, Guild Dragonscale has been said to take work from Alabaster officials to take care of business the local guard can’t handle.

The city’s nobility strive for power, while manipulating others and shrouding their sins in secrecy. Few and far between, some exceptional nobles, however, do try to tend to the city the best they can. The priests and paladins, meanwhile, uphold the tenets of Korrigan although many have become more political than religious. The guard is generally uncorrupted and has a close relationship to the extravagent citizens of Carine.

Complete loyalty to Alabaster is a requirement to live in the city. Anyone who speaks out in support of other factions, or even suggests it, is likely to be hanged or driven out, for these beliefs are enforced like law by the will of the common man.

Most citizens of the city are believers of Korrigan, and nearly all at least respect it. The religionis tied closely to the government, for the church has enough political influence to directly imparct the actions the king decides to take.

Those criminals who survive arrest and trial reside in one of the city’s two prisons. Common criminals from pickpockets to murderes stay in Steadfast. More dangerous types are left to rot in the Vault, which is surrounded on all sides by water.

Notable People

King Alabaster rules from his throne in Castle Cairne. Grand Marshall Carver has not left the Kings side since the fall of the Kingdom of White and acts as Alabasters right hand man. Grand Marshall Leona is rarely in Cairne but her permanent residence is in Castle Cairne, she acts as the left hand of the King and is rumored to be the leader of The Obsidian Agency.


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