The Obsidian Agency

The Obsidian Agency are a faction dedicated wholly to the goals of the Kingdom of Alabaster, but willing to do the dirtier jobs.

The Obsidian Agency are one of the most recent organizations on Restin. Only being revealed in the raid of the Dark Forest out of necessity. The group was founded when King Alabaster approached a thief in his prisons. This prisoner was named Gin Hayton and had been imprisoned by the Kingdom repeatedly for inhumane experimentation. Caught perhaps three times, he was notorious for experiments that could enhance strength but at the cost of part of a soul. Gin offered his clemency if he agreed to form a society to take care of the Kingdoms dirty work quickly and cleanly. He agreed at once, the Obsidian Agency began that day.


The Obsidian Agency view themselves as a hand grasped around a knife, forming the organization into five branches. Gin Hayton and his group of leaders make the thumb, dealing with management and leadership. The leadership consists of about 30 experienced mages and fighters that have learned to control their mutations.

The next two Fingers of the hand are made up of the highest-level members. The First Finger, the highest level a member can reach before leaving the life behind to become a leader in Thumb, is dedicated to assassination, targets being anyone from rival military leaders to corrupt priests. The Second Finger is dedicated to “acquisitions” of material, either taking already stolen material to give to its rightful owner, or taking a particularly powerful item from a person it would be politically uncomfortable to kill outright.

The Third Finger excel in espionage, often working with rogues from the First and Second Finger to gather information, read and remember scrolls and rituals without stealing them, and serve as lookouts and diversions while the others do their jobs. The Fourth Finger makes up the largest and lowest level. These members are the jack-of-all-trades and members who usually are assigned the more menial work.

The Obsidian Agency

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