Restin is one of the continents of Rapture. It is located northwest of Terria and northeast of Latriel. The Sea of Giants lies between them. Restin is home to many races, the majority being, Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Humana, Orcs and Trolls. The only recorded native to Restin before colonization were the Drow. Other races present include Dragonborn, Halflings, Half-Orcs, and Tiefling. Restin can be further divided into four factions known as the Kingdom of Alabaster, the Ivory Brigade, the Nordstrom Empire, the Horde of Ak’Nall and the Dark Forest.

Restin was primarily the domain of wildlife who walked the plains and desert and Drow who reside in the Dark Forest. Nowadays races of all kinds dominate the plains while the Orcs and Trolls tend to stay in the desert and the Drow keep their kind deep within the Dark Forest.


Restin’s plains are long with low rolling hills that allow you to see far into the distance. Roads and big cities dot the landscape as small towns and villages take advantage of the perfect ground for agriculture. The Dark Forest remains a mystery to all races except the Drow, trees that are said to be thousands of years old are plentiful, exotic and dangerous flora and fauna are also native to the Dark Forest. The desert of Restin is surrounded by gigantic mountains that cut off any flowing rivers. Oasis’ are plentiful around the desert and you can find an Horde city or town beside each and every one.

Capital Cities

Kingdom of Alabaster


The Ivory Brigade

The Ivory Tower

The Horde of Ak’Nall


The Nordstrom Empire

Loch Torann


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