King Alabaster

King Geralt Alabaster is a proud man standing firm ahead the Kingdom of Alabaster.



With the legendary sword ‘Geas’ he rules his people with an iron fist. He stands just over six feet tall, his now slim frail body hidden underneath his white plate armor. His skin, more grey colored than any human should be, clings to his deteriorating muscles and bones. Long ashen black hair flows to his shoulders and a full beard dons his face. Those who look into his eyes see nothing but death and vengeance.


Early Life

Alabaster grew up in the Royal Family of the Kingdom of White in Terria. Son of the Kings right-hand general, Alabaster was close with young Prince Layne Ivory. Attending the highest caliber of education and military training, Alabaster displayed talent that placed him among the elite generals at a young age. He excelled at everything he attempted and with that talent came a strong sense of competitiveness yet elitism. As he entered the final years of his childhood only Ivory and the Grand Marshalls of the Kingdom of White could provide a worthy challenge. At the age of 15, he had already been promoted to Marshall along with Ivory and they began experiencing their first major role in the Kingdom.

Promotion to Grand Marshall

Alabaster was promoted to Grand Marshall (the highest rank you can attain without being of royal blood) at the age of 18. His promotion came after his conquest against the Horde. In Year 871, Alabaster was assigned to assault the Horde and obtain a key fortress that would be the foothold of the assault. The siege was estimated to span over 3 months. Controversy ensued over giving such an important mission to such a young Marshall, Alabaster set out to prove them wrong. Extraordinarily, in 21 days, Alabaster had taken the fortress in impressive fashion without a single casualty.

Life before the Northern Expedition

The next 13 years of Alabaster’s life were nothing but ordinary. Of course, ordinary for Alabaster is beyond the concepts of any normal human being. Alabaster had proven himself on the battlefield as the Kingdoms best military tactician and leader, recieving every medal and award for military excellence at least once. He had forced himself into the position of right hand man for King Igneel Ivory.

The Northern Expedition

King Ivory had gotten quite sick in Year 884, and despite the prowess of both Grand Marshall Alabaster and Ivory, the Kingdom of White could not expand any farther to take over the remainder of Terria because of the recent Plague that had infected the lands of the Horde. The Kingdom turned its attention towards the landmass to the North. King Ivory wanted to send the best of the best, so the duty of this expedition fell upon Grand Marshall Alabaster and Ivory. With the most elite the Kingdom had to offer, the force would venture northwards and establish a strong foothold on the continent of Restin

The War of Humans

Grand Marshall Alabaster pulled off many great feats during the War of Humans. One of the most devastating blows to the Nordstrom Empire was the defection of their military tacticiand and general, Samuel Carver, to the Kingdom of White. Alabaster had heard tales of Carver’s legendary might and secretly met with him before the war. Carver, amazed at the power and intelligence that Alabaster contained, wished to learn more from him and agreed upon the defection in order to study beneath Alabaster.

The Legendary Sword ‘Geas’

Reaching the pinnacle of human might, Alabaster felt a craving like he never had before. Grand Marshall Ivory still won handily intellectually but there was nobody, not even Carver, who could even touch Alabaster on the battlefield. He had reached a level nobody in the Kingdom of White could even dream of, however, he wanted more. Hearing tales of a legendary sword within the Dark Forest, Alabaster wanted an artifact that he could take into battle with him. Years ago he had began training a special force of soldiers who are said to have been magically (or demonically) enhanced. With the newly formed Obsidian Agency, Alabaster marched his way into the Dark Forest. After a long struggle, Alabaster had emerged victorious but not without sacrifice. As he emerged from the Dark Forest three weeks later, he held Geas in his right hand but none of his army were behind him. Only he had survived the trials of the forest and the Drow who dwell within them.

The Fall of the Empire of White

Alabaster had been bedridden for months after his emergence from the Dark Forest. He would never let the sword out of his sight, it had turned into some sort of obsession. Late at night, servants would report that Alabaster was whispering and talking with the sword about immense power. During this time, Ivory was given full control of the Kingdom to manage while Alabaster was unable to rule. Ivory accomplished three major things during this time. He made peace and constructed trade routes with the Dark Forest. He declared the Kingdom of White as an independent faction from his fathers across the ocean. Finally, he began the Torunament of Champions that would be held every year and allowed all factions to participate in the games. Alabaster was engraged by the first and second move, without any input Alabaster was put in a situation that he morally did not agree upon. His hate for the drow had not ceased and over the months he had been sick, he slowly looked more and more like a walking corpse. Without warning, one night he got up, sword in hand and made his way to the throne room and attacked ivory. As their blades clashed, Alabaster forced a decision on Ivory. Either split the Kingdom of White in half or die by Alabaster’s blade. The decision was easy for Ivory.

Current Summary

Alabaster currently resides in the capital of Cairne and although his frail and old body suggest weakness, he is stronger than he ever has been. With Grand Marshall Carver by his side, the Kingdom of Alabaster is one of the most volatile and dangerous factions. Alabaster often asks his sword for advice on matters and more often tan not, seems to get a response.

King Alabaster

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