Welcome to the World of Rapture

This is a fantasy world that’s history is for the players, by the players. Running various editions of D&D, each campaign, and the players involved, will shape how this world deals with the threats that enfold throughout the years. You will see players ascend to kingship, some may mingle with the essence of magic itself, others may die in a blaze of glory trying to leave a visible mark on this ever changing world. The King, the Worldshaper and the Forgotten Soldier – all three have one commonality – they all started in the heads of a player. So welcome to Rapture, wait and see how this story unfolds.

The world of Rapture is beginning at a state of unrest. The new continent, Restin, is home to five great nations. Those who vie for power and those who fight in the name of peace are living in an unsteady truce that is sure to break sooner rather than later. You can start yourself with the basic information here -


Kingdom of Alabaster

Ivory Brigade

Horde of Ak’Nall

Nordstrom Empire

Dark Forest



The World of Rapture

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